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HR Manager

Work Location: Rayong

Job type: Full-Time

Posted: 12-07-2023

Salary: Negotiate


Job Description

• Communications and Implement Centralized Human Resources Management Policy

• Plan the manpower rate And organizational configuration appropriately and under the company's management policy

• Establish an annual training plan and drive training to meet the specified plans and budgets.

• Create a Succession Plan and build a Career Path for employees appropriately.

• Supervise welfare and labor relations work to be consistent and accurate following corporate regulations and as required by law.

• Analyze human resource management data presented to management

• Establish a budget for the human resource management of the factory.

Job Responsibilities

• Pools and adoption of centralized human resource policies.

• Planning the workforce and organizational structure, perhaps and if anyone has these questions.

• Make an annual training plan and reserve seats according to the calendar and schedule specified.

• Prepare a career path succession plan for employees appropriately.

• Regulations on care of welfare and labor relations to follow and correct according to the company's regulations and in accordance with the law.

• Analyze human resource management data to present to executives.

• Let it be under the supervision of the factory's human resource management.

Job Requirements

• Registration of personnel management branches or related persons.

• Experience in warning people to rub their eyes for 5 years.

• Effective for 3 years of service

• Meetings on workforce planning, recruitment and interviews and various forms of recruitment channels.

• Explain the preparation for the receptionist exam and plan a career path.

• Manage hospitality management matters.

• Understand labor laws and labor relations.

• Techniques for negotiating with competitors.

• Have good human relations, service mind every time.

• 6 days a week

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